Blanca´s trip to the Czech Republic III. (Višňové – South Moravian Region)

Visiting the paradisiac garden of my uncle and my aunt in Višňové:

More about Višňové –

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Blanca´s trip to the Czech Republic II. (Jevišovice and Lednice – South Moravian Region)

More about South Moravian Region:

Jevišovice –

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Lednice –

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Blanca´s trip to the Czech Republic I. (Central Bohemian Region)

More about Central Bohemian Region:

Hořešovičky –

Visiting her Grandpa :D

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Slaný -

slany1 slany2 slany3 slany4

Panenský týnec -

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News: Emma – Red and Black– sets for Déjà Vu

dejavu_trasne1The sets are handmade specially for dolls with Tonner Déjà Vu body. Each set includes dress with lining, necklace, 2 bracelets, ring,  earrings and headband.

dejavu_trasne2Each set costs 55 USD plus shipping  if you buy it directly (write me to or 60 USD  plus shipping on ebay.  The shipping via Mexican Post service with included tracking number to USA is 5 USD, to Canada and Europe is 7 USD and to the rest of the world is 10 USD.
BUT I WILL BE ON VACATION FROM 16.7. TO 21.8. SO I WILL BE ABLE TO SHIP THIS SETS WHEN I WILL BACK (of course, you  can pay for your set when I will back to Mexico!). FOR THE SAME REASON I WILL UPLOAD THE SETS TO EBAY ON 22.8.  Thank you for your understanding.


Emma Red– set for Deja Vu   dejavu_trasne3 dejavu_trasne4 dejavu_trasne5 dejavu_trasne6 dejavu_trasne7 dejavu_trasne8 dejavu_trasne9

Emma Black – set for Deja Vu   dejavu_trasne91 dejavu_trasne92 dejavu_trasne93 dejavu_trasne94 dejavu_trasne97dejavu_trasne96 dejavu_trasne98


News: Playa Paraíso – green – summer set for Revlon 13

blanca_paraiso1Yes, another Playa Paraíso set :D… in this case this one was made specially for Blanca – Revlon 13. Blanca is my travel doll so this summer set I made it for our  trip to the Czech Republic :D.  I can´t wait to take photos to Blanca in Prague…
blanca_paraiso2 blanca_paraiso3 blanca_paraiso4 blanca_paraiso5 blanca_paraiso6

News – jewelry for real girls – gifts for my friends

It´s more than three years since I visited my country. It´s more than three years since I’ve seen my friends and  family.… In two weeks I’m finally going on holiday to Prague. So I started preparing gifts for my family and friends. I hope they like them.

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News: Playa Paraíso – white – another OOAK (commission) summer set for Déjà Vu,

When I uploaded the first Playa Paraíso sets on e-bay, the turquoise one made for Déjà Vu was sold out very quickly… and I received email with the petition to make another one. But… the turquoise set it´s OOAK so I can´t to repeat it… I didn´t made white Playa Paraíso set originally because I had alredy used white cotton fabric for the Caribe collection. But white cotton is fantastic for summer dresses, so I offered to the client white OOAK version of Playa Paraíso… and the client was agree.

janeen2The set was handmade specially for dolls with Tonner Déjà Vu body and  includes dress, crochet bikini, crochet bag, 2 bracelets, ring,  earrings and crochet headband. I think, it looks spectacular in white color.

janeen3janeen4 janeen5 janeen6 janeen7 janeen8 janeen9 janeen91 janeen92 janeen93 janeen94 janeen95