Marceline – Penelope Brewster, Spicy Night – Déjà Vu Collection by Tonnerdoll 2014

I hardly ever buy dolls with the  sculpt I already have in my collection. But Déjà Vu is my perdition :). Spicy Night is my third Déjà Vu doll and I hope she is the last one.

My first Déjà Vu doll is wigged so I can change her image but is little bit difficult to travel with her. The wig isn´t comfortable. The second one is blonde and her hair is rooted. She is amazing and I bought her as the a twin of my first Déjà Vu (originally almost blonde) but I always prefer brunette dolls. dejavutres

When I saw Spicy Night for the first time, I didn´t like her at all. She reminded me too much My Scene Barbie. But with the time I was discovering real photos of her  and when I found her NRFB for incredible 85 USD with Cherished Friends, I couldn´t resist more. (BTW: I love Cherished Friends… great prices, great service and every doll, I bought with them, arrived to Mexico in 7 days only – including customs!!!)

And she is really amazing doll. Much more beautiful in person that on photos.


I love her outfit and shoes too. marceline1 marceline2 marceline3 marceline4

The 0nly problem is her jewelry. It is nice but I received it damaged. My bracelet is too short because it´s made with two metal flowers instead of three. Fortunatelly I don´t use original jewelry for my dolls so I do not care about it.


Superior photo: my jewelry set Inferior photo: the bracelet I found on ebay:

I like her green eyes but they look great in person only. In the photos they look yellow :(. I decided to change the colour of her eyes to blue. So now she is my Marceline, the youngest sister of Margueritte and Michelle :). marceline6 marceline7

With her new glasses :) marceline8 marceline9

And with her sisters in autumn Paris:

Marceline, Margueritte et Michelle :)

Marceline, Margueritte et Michelle :)

Marceline will be my newest travel doll so I will upload a lot of photos of her in the future. You can check them here:  coming soon

If you are interested to read more about Spicy Night Déjà Vu I recommend you this fantastic review:

Margueritte – Penelope Brewster, Around Town – Déjà Vu Collection by Tonnerdoll 2013

Well, I bought Margueritte, my second Déjà Vu doll,  in March 2014 but I have forgot to present her officcialy. She was my second travel doll too, so you can see a lot of her photos on my blog, but I never have uploaded her presentation… So here is:


She is absolutely amazing doll  …  margueritte1 margueritte2 margueritte3 margueritte4

… with fabulous outfit and great accessories. margueritte5 margueritte6

I´m really big fan of Déjà Vu Collection and the unique problem I see with this doll is the hip of the doll becomes very loose with the time and use :(. Nowadays Margaritte has a big problem to stand upright without her stand :(. The other problem, not so important for me, are the eyelashes. With the time I had to change Margueritte´s eyelashes, I rooted them so now they will survive any occasion :D.

dulce6 elenawhite2 dejavu_trasne94 katalina_cream2 janeen6 riviera1_4 playa_dj4

Do you want see more photos of Margueritte? Check her trips:

Here you can see really fantastic review about this doll:

News – Riviera – male and female beach sets

playa1galThe female sets are handmade specially for dolls with Tonner Déjà Vu body (the black one), Tonner Antoinette/Cami body (the white one) and Wilde Ellowyne  body (the red one). The male sets are handmade specially for dolls with Tonner Matt body (all of them).

The female sets include beach dress, crochet bikini, crochet bag, 2 bracelets, ring,  earrings and crochet headband. The male sets include shorts, crochet bag and necklace.

Each set costs 20 USD (female) or 15 USD (male) plus shipping  if you buy it directly (write me to or 25 USD (female) or 20 USD (male)  plus shipping on ebay. If you buy the male and female set directly, the price would be 30 USD plus shipping for both.

The shipping via Mexican Post service with included tracking number to USA is 5 USD, to Canada and Europe is 7 USD and to the rest of the world is 10 USD.

Riviera – RED/female – set for Ellowyne – AVAILABLE  on ebay- tomorrow


Riviera – RED/male – set for Matt– AVAILABLE on ebay- tomorrow


Riviera – BLACK/female – set for Déjà Vu – AVAILABLE on ebay- tomorrow


Riviera – BLACK/male – set for Matt– AVAILABLE on ebay- tomorrow


Riviera – WHITE/female – set for Antoinette/Cami– AVAILABLE on ebay- tomorrow


Riviera – WHITE/male – set for Matt– AVAILABLE on ebay- tomorrow


Rufus Rutter (Candlelight Rufus Basic) by Wilde Imagination

Well, I bought Rufus months ago ( He arrived to Mexico on August, but now I can finally post his presentation.


And more photos of my Rufus:  rufus5 rufus6maru_amarillo2 rufus7

And here you can see my Rufus with brown eyes…

News: Maru – sets for Ellowyne and Rufus


The sets are handmade specially for dolls with Ellowyne and Rufus (Matt) Tonner/Wilde body. Both was made for private collection. The female one for my friend Maru and the male one for my own Tonner boys. But if you are interested, I would to re-create it for your dolls…


Each set costs 30 USD plus shipping  if you buy it directly (write me to  The shipping via Mexican Post service with included tracking number to USA is 5 USD, to Canada and Europe is 7 USD and to the rest of the world is 10 USD.


The female set includes top, trousers, blouse,  bracelet,  earrings, necklace and little hair clip.

maru_amarillo_ello2 maru_amarillo_ello3 maru_amarillo_ello4 maru_amarillo_ello5maru_amarillo_ello6 maru_amarillo_ello7 maru_amarillo_ello8 maru_amarillo_ello9maru_amarillo_ello91 maru_amarillo_ello92



The male set includes shirt, trousers, scarf and necklace.


Perfect male doll for Déjà vu or Ellowyne? – comparations

From left to right: James Collins (Matt body, Tonner), Jacob Black (Super Hero body, Tonner), Mortimer Mort (19 inch male body, Wilde),  Rufus (Matt body, Wilde), Phineas Jules (Matt body, Wilde).

Female dolls I used for the comparation: Déjà vu  – Around Town Penelope Brewster (Tonner) and Ellowyne – My Wistful Season (Wilde)

MYSTERY MAN – sculpt BASIL – Brenda Star – Tonnerdoll 2004

BATMAN – sculpt BATMAN – DC stars – Tonnerdoll 2007

DAMON SALVATORE – sculpt DAMON – Vampire Diaries – Tonnerdoll 2011

BROTHER DREARY – sculpt JEREMY VOSS – Agnes Dreary – Tonnerdoll 2010

EDWARD CULLEN – sculpt EDWARD – Twilight – Tonnerdoll 2009

CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW – sculpt JACK – Pirates of the Caribbean – Tonnerdoll 2007

JACOB BLACK – sculpt JACOB – Twilight – Tonnerdoll 2009

JAMES COLLINS – sculpt JAMES – Anne Harper – Tonnerdoll 2011

TEE AND BOXERS MATT O´NEIL  WALNUT  – sculpt MATT – Tyler Wenthworth – Tonnerdoll 2004

TEE AND BOXERS MATT O´NEIL  AUBURN – OOAK by Darleen Butler – sculpt MATT – Tyler Wenthworth – Tonnerdoll 2004

TEE AND BOXERS MATT O´NEIL  AUBURN – OOAK by Gabriel Gutiérrez – sculpt MATT – Tyler Wenthworth – Tonnerdoll 2004

VIVIEN – sculpt VIVIEN – IMPL CHILD – IMPL Doll 2009

BASIC PHIN – sculpt PHINEAS – Imperiurm Park – Wilde Imagination 2012

PRINCE CHARMING GROOM – sculpt PRINCE – Cinderella – Tonnerdoll 2007

STARCROSSED ROMEO –  sculpt SEAN – Re-imagination – Tonnerdoll 2009

CANDLELIGHT RUFUS BASIC – sculpt RUFUS – Ellowyne – Wilde Imagination 2013

RUSSEL WILLIAMS BASIC – sculpt RUSSEL – Tyler Wenthworth – Tonnerdoll 2006

WILL SCORESBY – sculpt SCORESBY – Golden Compass – Tonnerdoll 2008

PETER PARKER – sculpt SPIDERMAN – Spiderman 3 – Tonnerdoll 2007

STEFAN SALVATORE – sculpt STEFAN – Vampire Diaries – Tonnerdoll 2011

WILL TURNER – sculpt WILL – Pirates of the Caribbean – Tonnerdoll 2007

YOSHIO BASIC – sculpt YOSHIO – Freedom for Fashion – Tonnerdoll 2011

comparacion_mortimerMORTIMER BASIC – sculpt MORTIMER MORT – Evangeline Ghastly – Wilde Imagination 2013

Male body types in my collection:

Kasim (Phin, Imperium Park) by Wilde Imagination

Kasim is originally Basic Phin from Imperium Park collection 2012 by Wilde Imagination. I´m Tonnerdoll collector so I usually don´t buy Wilde dolls. They have so big head for me. But the Deja Vu dolls changed it all :).

I don´t like Tonner boys posing with Deja Vu. They look rare together. But then I saw Penelope and Jules :). And I decided that if Tonnerdoll would not present Deja Vu boy quickly, I must have Phin too! The problem was that he was sold out years ago and it´s very rare to see him for sale for reasonable price.

I was so happy when I won him on ebay australia and because I was the only one bidder I bought him with another fantastic original sold out outfit for really amazing price.

So here is… my fabulous Kasim: kasim1 kasim2 kasim3 kasim4

Kasim in his second original outfit – Air Ship Captain:  kasim8kasim6 kasim5 kasim7