Marguerite´s trip to Tonantzintla and Puebla de Zaragoza (Puebla, Mexico)

For the vacations of Semana Santa Marguerite had planned to visit Morelia, but unfortunately we had to cancel the trip because of the illness of one of the travelers :(.  Then we have only one day for some trip. So we finaly decided to take another Turibus trips – in this time the TuriAngeles to Puebla de Zaragoza.

The first point of the trip was a little shop on the highway Mexico-Puebla with a great view to Iztaccíhuatl. More about Iztacíhuatl: IMG_4092

The second point was a Cholula but unfortunately we only could take pictures from afar :(. We definitely have to return to visit the archaeological site!!! More about Cholula: IMG_4098

The third point was a little and picturesque village of Santa María de Tonantzintla. More about Tonantzintla: IMG_4106 IMG_4109 IMG_4112

And finaly the last point of our trip was one of the more beautiful cities of Mexico – Puebla de Zaragoza. More about Puebla de Zaragoza:,_Puebla IMG_4131 IMG_4132 IMG_4133 IMG_4139 IMG_4140 IMG_4151 IMG_4153 IMG_4157 IMG_4160 IMG_4177 IMG_4179 IMG_4182 IMG_4184 IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4192 IMG_4195 IMG_4198 IMG_4201 IMG_4203 IMG_4208 IMG_4213 IMG_4219 IMG_4221 IMG_4226 IMG_4230 IMG_4239 IMG_4241 IMG_4243 IMG_4246 IMG_4249 IMG_4251

Clothes – me for N.I. by T.F.
Earrings– me for N.I. by T.F.
Bracelet and belt: Gustavo –
Bag – Svetlana –
Shoes  – Tonnerdoll
Glasses – My Scene
Marguerite – Around Town Penelope, Déjà vu by Tonnerdoll

News: Elena – Black and White – sets for Déjà Vu


The sets are handmade specially for dolls with Tonner Déjà Vu body. Each set includes top, skirt, necklace,  bracelet, ring,  earrings and little handbag.


Each set costs 30 USD plus shipping  if you buy it directly (write me to or 35 USD  plus shipping on ebay.  The shipping via Mexican Post service with included tracking number to USA is 5 USD, to Canada and Europe is 7 USD and to the rest of the world is 10 USD.

ELENA BLACK – set for Deja Vuelenablack1

Here you can find the black Elena set on Ebay (AVAILABLE):

elenablack2elenablack3elenablack4 elenablack5elenablack6

ELENA WHITE – set for Deja Vu elenawhite1

Here you can find the white Elena set on Ebay (AVAILABLE):

elenawhite2elenawhite3 elenawhite4 elenawhite5 elenawhite6


elenaobe2 elenaobe4

Marguerite´s trip to San Cristóbal de las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico)

More about San Cristóbal de las Casas:

IMG_3255 IMG_3258 IMG_3259 IMG_3263 IMG_3268 IMG_3271 IMG_3274 IMG_3277 IMG_3280 IMG_3284 IMG_3287 IMG_3289 IMG_3291 IMG_3293 IMG_3295 IMG_3301 IMG_3302 IMG_3304 IMG_3306 IMG_3309 IMG_3320 IMG_3323 IMG_3325 IMG_3328 IMG_3329 IMG_3333 IMG_3334 IMG_3337 IMG_3338 IMG_3339 IMG_3345 IMG_3346 IMG_3350 IMG_3351 IMG_3359 IMG_3362 IMG_3363 IMG_3365 IMG_3368 IMG_3371 IMG_3374 IMG_3377 IMG_3379 IMG_3382 IMG_3706 IMG_3711 IMG_3714 IMG_3719 IMG_3721 IMG_3732 IMG_3735 IMG_3746 IMG_3749 IMG_3762

Marguerite´s trip to Cañón del Sumidero and Chiapa de Corzo (Chiapas, Mexico)

More about Cañón del Sumidero (Sumidero Canyon):

IMG_3404 IMG_3409 IMG_3418

… with crocodile.IMG_3420

… with black vultures.IMG_3432 IMG_3440 IMG_3446 IMG_3488 IMG_3491 IMG_3518 IMG_3530 IMG_3584

More about Chiapa de Corzo:,_Chiapas

IMG_3589 IMG_3592 IMG_3594 IMG_3601 IMG_3603 IMG_3605 IMG_3607 IMG_3608 IMG_3614 IMG_3616 IMG_3617 IMG_3619 IMG_3620 IMG_3622 IMG_3623

Marguerite´s trip to Misol-Ha and Agua Azul (Chiapas, Mexico)

More about Misol-Ha:

IMG_3230 IMG_3232 IMG_3235 IMG_3236 IMG_3244 IMG_3245 IMG_3247

More about Agua Azul:

IMG_3248 IMG_3250 IMG_3251

Sorry for the quality of the next photos. These photos are taken with my cellphone because I took so many pictures in Palenque and my camera´s battery. couldn´t resist :(.  No way, Marguerite has to return to Agua Azul :D. It´s really magical site. What a nice piece of the Earth.IMG_20150308_145230 IMG_20150308_145752 IMG_20150308_150006 IMG_20150308_150634

Marguerite´s trip to Palenque (Chiapas, Mexico)

More about Palenque:

IMG_3001 IMG_3023 IMG_3019 IMG_3017 IMG_3013 IMG_3011 IMG_3005 IMG_3003 IMG_3032 IMG_3030 IMG_3035 IMG_3039 IMG_3045 IMG_3047 IMG_3048 IMG_3049 IMG_3053IMG_3055IMG_3057IMG_3058IMG_3064IMG_3066IMG_3068IMG_3069IMG_3075IMG_3076IMG_3084IMG_3085IMG_3091IMG_3096IMG_3100IMG_3104IMG_3109IMG_3114 IMG_3127IMG_3132IMG_3135IMG_3141IMG_3147IMG_3155IMG_3158IMG_3161IMG_3177IMG_3181IMG_3184IMG_3187IMG_3191IMG_3198IMG_3200IMG_3203IMG_3216IMG_3218IMG_3220IMG_3226

Marguerite´s trip to Chichen Itza – part two – Chichen Itza (Yucatan, Mexico)

In Cancun we decided to buy trip to Chichen Itza with grupo ADO. Ok, I swear this is not a paid advertisment :D but I have many friends working for that company and above all I have only the best experience with its tours (Teotihuacan, Taxco, Turibus D.F., Chichen Itza). So if you are in Cancun and if you are interested in visit Chichen Itza with english speaking and really very professional guide (or Tulum or Coba) this is a great, confortable and pleasant way.  The Circuito Piramides Chichen Itza operated daily by Turitour Cancun (grupo ADO)  includes the round trip, professional and certificated bilingual guide, visit of cenote Ik Kil, buffet (tipical and delicious yucatan meal – no drinks) and obviously the visit of Chichen Itza with explication. The actual cost (2015) it was 880 pesos (cca 58 USD).  You can buy the ticket in the ADO bus station in Cancun or via telephone: 52 (998) 89818151. More information:


More information about Chichen Itza:    IMG_2788 IMG_2789 IMG_2794 IMG_2798 IMG_2800 IMG_2801 IMG_2823 IMG_2824 IMG_2828 IMG_2831 IMG_2834 IMG_2840 IMG_2845 IMG_2856 IMG_2858 IMG_2860 IMG_2870 IMG_2877 IMG_2881 IMG_2882 IMG_2886 IMG_2889 IMG_2899 IMG_2900 IMG_2903 IMG_2905  IMG_2910 IMG_2914 IMG_2917 IMG_2921 IMG_2924 IMG_2927 IMG_2930 IMG_2934 IMG_2936