News: N.I. by T.F. – set for Déjà Vu and Matt body

I love dolls from Tonner Déjà Vu line and I really  love to create for them:). These sets are for my private collection because I used recycled fabric for the T-shirts and the impression of the N.I. by T.F. has a little fault. But for the next time I know where is the problem…


The sets are handmade (with original patterns made by me)  specially for dolls with Tonner Déjà Vu and Matt body. The female set includes trousers (with funcional pockets), blouse, two bracelets, necklace and little handbag. The male one includes trousers (with funcional pockets, T-shirt, bracelet and messenger bag.


As I said, these sets are for my private collection but in future I´m going to fabricate them for sale for each doll body I have. Each set would cost 40 USD plus shipping  if you buy it directly (please, write me to or 45 USD  plus shipping on ebay.  The shipping via Mexican Post service with included tracking number to USA is 5 USD, to Canada and Europe is 7 USD and to the rest of the world is 10 USD.

N.I. by T.F. – female set – set for Déjà Vu body

nibytf1nibytf2 nibytf4nibytf3nibytf5

N.I. by T.F. – male set – set for Matt body

nibytf6 nibytf7 nibytf8 nibytf9 nibytf91

More jeans fore sale soon…



Marceline´s diary – Chapter IV

Hi all!

I know, two Tuesdays without new post. But I was really busy. The first Tuesday I “survived” my first earthquake. I adore this city but this experience was horrible. It was a earthquake of low magnitude and without losses so I´m not sure what I will do during a major one.

I hated it. The sirens began to sound very strong. Everybody started to leave the Institute serenely but I was very nervous. Yes, I didn´t feel the movement of the floor to much but the situation made me hysteric. And we were in the second floor… Now imagine, I live in the tenth floor of the student recidence. In that momment I decided to move out:).

I know, I´m exaggerated…  But during the earthquake I felt so defenceless and very scared. In Europe we are not used to something like that. The earthquake there are generally low and very rare.

Well, I decided to look for any other room. Unfortunately the Institute is not the only owner of the residence. The first five floors are designed to the students of another university.  Kasim want to stay in his current room, so I have to look alone. The problem is that I have no money. I asked to Antonio, my boss, if he I could to teach more groups, but in the Institute is impossible. Anyway he helped me so much because he offered me to be the baby-sitter of his children twice a week. Fortunately they are fabulous and Antonio´s wife too.

Playing with Paulina y Sebastian, Antonio`s children.

Playing with Paulina y Sebastian, Antonio`s children.

And… on last Monday I went to the school office to ask about possibility to offer private French lessons to the students of the Institute. When I was explaining my situation, the secretary rolled her eyes. Obviously… I´m crazy because I want to find work for to spend all my money for some room in first floor. So I felt really bad, like a exaggerated hysteric.

I left the office thinking about my possible madness:) when somebody stopped me. I have known him from the Institute´s corridors. He introduced himself as Kristoff and said he had an interesting offer for me. He lives near to institute, in the first floor and… he is looking for roommate just now. Amazing…  He witnessed my abasement by the Institute´s secretary. And the price? Fabulous… Only 3000 pesos monthly. The same price I pay for the residence bedroom. I was in heaven.

On Tuesday I visited him for to see my future home and at this evening I´m finally leaving the residence. My fear of the earthquake is bigger than the fear of living with an unknown man:). But I think, I like Kristoff. I thought he was a student of the Institute, but he is actually one of the foreigner teachers from the English department. Kasim knows him better, he takes one of his classes – English and American Literature. Too much for my Franglish:).

The apartment is very small but really nice. I will have more space than in the residence bedroom. I will have access to the washing machine!!! I don´t like to use public laundry. Of course, the fact that I will share the kitchen and bathroom with only one person, it´s great too. So I´m really happy.

Ah… changing the theme and returning to Kasim. Of course he is dating with Margueritte.  But it´s a secret. I know it thanks to Michelle. I don´t understand why Kasim doesn´t want to say me. I think it´s great! Maybe he suppose that it´s will be rare for me because of my old feelings, but it´s ridiculous. I love them both so much, I hope they will be very happy together.

Kristoff (Halvar, Déjà Vu) by Tonnerdoll

I really love male dolls.  I have a great collection of them. So when Tonnerdoll presented the Déjà Vu male dolls I was in heaven:). I definitely adore Ani and Halvar. First I chose Ani but when I realized that he hasn´t hair I decided to bought Halvar. I hope (PLEASE) Tonner will fabricate another Ani with rooted hair. Or another Déjà Vu male character with tan skin❤.

I wanted Halvar too much, I´m big fan of Déjà Vu collection, so I wasn´t able to wait for nude Halvar on ebay. It was a miracle to find Kasim (Phineas) when he was sold out…

So… here he is, my fabulous Kristoff:  halvar1 halvar2 halvar3 halvar4 halvar5 halvar6 halvar8 halvar9

And… yesterday I had a great time playing with Halvar …   kristoff1 kristoff2

… and trying different styles for him:   kristoff3 kristoff4 kristoff5 kristoff6

Kristoff (Halvar) is fabulous for any period or style … kristoff7 kristoff8kristoff9

And finally with one of my Déjà Vu girls, Marceline: nibytf_icono

I love him! GREAT DOLL! Congratulations, Tonnerdoll!!!

N. I. by T. F. shoping bags – tutorial and pfd patterns

If you are my client you know that I always send small present to you. That present you can find it inside  a small shopping bag with N.I. by T.F. logo. I started to fabricate them for Plaza Mildendo years ago, obviously with the Mildendo´s logo.  I enjoy so much preparing this little detail for my customers so I decided to redesign the same shopping bags fro N.I. by T.F. project too.

Years ago I also posted the tutorial for Mildendo´s shopping bags. But Plaza Mildendo doesn´t exist more, so I decided to remove that post and now I´m presenting you the similar tutorial and patterns for three sizes of new bags and a small heart-shaped box. If you decide to use this patterns for your dolls it would be a honour:).  



for the small bag (measures of the front side: 5.3 x 6.1 cm) – smallbagnibytf

for the medium bag (measures of the front side: 6.6 x 7.5 cm) – mediumbagnibytf

for the medium bag (measures of the front side: 7.8 x 8.8 cm) – largebagnibytf

bolsas1For the shopping bags you will need: Scissors, needle, Pritt, tape, legal size paper with the print of the paterrn, red wrapping paper and white thread.

1/ Cut the impression as you see in the picture: bolsas2

2/ Fold the impression as you see in the picture: bolsas3

3/ Paste the lateral sides of the bag with the Pritt as you see in the picture: bolsas3a

4/ Paste the underside of the bag first with Pritt and then use tape for the fold as you see in the picture:bolsas4

4/ Make the holes with needle (in the extreme parts of the rectangle of the pattern:bolsas5

5/ Insert with needle the thread through the holes previously made ​​and knotted. Fold the red wrapping paper:bolsas6

6/ Done… Happy shopping:)bolsas7


for heart-shaped box (measures of the front side: 45 x 4 cm) – heartboxnibytf

cajita1For the heart-shaped box you will need: Scissors, needle, Pritt, light pink cardboard, legal size paper with the print of the pattern and red thin ribbon.

1/ Cut the impression and make the holes with needle as you see in the picture: cajita2

2/ Paste the impression to the cardboard as you see in the picture: IMG_8127

3/ Cut the cartboard and fold the impression as you see in the picture: cajita3

4/ Paste the lateral sides of the box with Pritt as you see in the picture: IMG_8135

4/ Close the box as you see in the picture and insert the thin ribbon through the holes:cajita4

5/ Make a bow and the box is done:) cajita5



Marceline´s diary – Chapter III


Another Tuesday and I´m here again. I hope I will be able to write every Tuesday, but lately I´m really tired. So many homeworks, so many books to read and now I must to prepare themes for my conversation classes too. But I have to say I love them. I never have thought I would like to be something like a teacher. My mother will be proud of me:).

Of course, my first class was a disaster. I was so nervous. I don´t like to be the center of attention and I was there in front of so many people. OK, they were ten students but all of them are only little younger than me. My first words, as a Mademoiselle Valois:), were quite embarrassing. I mixed up French with Spanish and I even stuttered, in both languages😀.

Fortunately, in that moment came my boss, Antonio, and saved me. He is the head of French Department of the Institute. A great person. First he said we will speak French only. No Spanish in my class. For the questions about grammar the students have another teachers. Then he decided that for the first class would be fabulous to introduce myself… obviously. When I finished five sentences about me, without stuttering, he proposed to the students a conversation activity. Every student could to ask me about anything related to me or to France. Great! I was terrified.

But at the end it was funny. The students didn´t ask about anything inappropriate. I’m not sure if they had been so kind with me without Antonio in the same classroom:). They asked me about my family, my university and Lyon. Some questions were about my experiences here in Mexico or about my plans for the future. I was terrified again. I have no plans. Do I have future?:)

So I answered something about to finish my studies, work for some intergovernmental organization and travel. BUT… I´m not sure. Well, I´m only sure about traveling. Simply, I would like to be happy and make something what I would love.


Front view of Palacio de Bellas Artes (The Palace of Fine Arts)
and Palacio Postal (The Postal Palace) on the right.

When Antonio left the classroom we started to speak about the themes for the next lessons and I decided to ask the students for little homework. They had to answer two questions for me. Who are you and why do you study French? I really would like to know my students better. I think it was a good start because eight students sent the text via email next day. Fortunately they were very sweet, all of them wrote they simply love the sound of French.

And what about my personal life in Mexico-city? Nothing. Nada. Rien. When I´m not at school, I´m studying at home or at the library. Yes, of course, I met some new friends between the students of the Institute. They are really nice but they talk about the school only. I would like to go out and discover this amazing country. I feel they aren´t interested in traveling all over Mexico. I proposed them to walk together to the Historic Center but they prefered to go for coffee in one of the many cafes of our neighborhood. So I went alone. This city is really amazing. So elegant and majestic. And so overpopulated too.

I would like to go out of the city but I must to wait a little because I´m afraid of to travel alone. I hope Kasim or my cousins will have time next weekend. At less for the trip to Teotihuacan…

BTW, Kasim began studying Nahuatl in UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). He is unstoppable:). But I suspect that this decision isn´t for his love for languages only… Magueritte takes the same course:).

So… I´m really kaput now. I hope you have had amazing week and I see you soon.

Au revoir! Et bonne nuit!



Marceline´s diary – Chapter II

Hi all!

I´m back with another chapter. Last week the theme was: Why I have decided to write this blog? I wrote a little about me but not much so the theme of this post is: Who am I?

Marceline, Margueritte et Michelle :)

My cousins Margueritte, Michelle and me in Paris:)

I was born in Lyon, France, 19 years ago. Exactly on May 18th, 1997. My father is investigative journalist and my mother is teacher.  She teaches Spanish and French language, so I suppose I inherited my passion for languages from her. The strange thing is I have  better relationship with my father that with my mother. I´m literally Daddy´s girl:).

My mother is THE teacher. You know, the teachers don´t always leave their professional mask at school. And I have a little problem with the authorities. My mother is very close to my little sister, Monique. Of course, Monique is very sweet and she always does what my mother wants. She is 13, is a magnific student, is very friendly and she never causes problems… like me. Well, I know Monique is not so perfect. She is only a very lucky girl because my mother never discovers her antics. I love her so much but sometimes I´m little bit jealous of her relationship with my mother.

Then… my unkle Denis, brother of my father, lives in Paris. He was born in Lyon too but he moved to Paris very young. As I wrote in my first post his daughters, my twin cousins Margueritte and Michelle,  are now in Mexico. We are  great friends. They are amazing. Michelle is a fashion designer. Well she already study fashion design here in Mexico. O.K. Mexico isn´t exactly Mecca of fashion design but Michelle and Margueritte are inseparable and Margueritte is a big fan of mesoamerican anthropology so she always has wanted to study at National School of Anthropology and History in Mexico-city.

Now I see that I´m not writing about me. Doesn´t matter, my life isn´t so interesting and I can do it next time.

So the last and no less important part of my family is my best friend Kasim. I met him in lyceum. He moved to Lyon with his family from Germany but they are originally from Turkey. Well, his father is from Turkey and his mother is Canadian.  Kasim and his sister, Kadri, were born in Ankara where they had lived before moving to Berlin and then to Lyon.  Their parents are scientists so they move very often between universities. Now, when Kasim is in Mexico with me, they live in Toronto. Kadri has stayed in France.

I was in love with Kasim in lyceum, but when we became friends my feelings have changed. Now we are best friends ever. He is like my brother. I´m so happy I have him in my life. Especially now when we are in foreign and culturally very different country because is pretty difficult to be so far from my home. But it´s great experience and I love this city:).

Well… Now, mademoiselle Valois has to go to the school for her first French lesson as a teacher:). I hope I will survive it… and my students too.



Marceline in Historic center of Mexico City

Mexico City is a crazy place. A place with many problems. Of course, it´s megalopolis and one of the largest  and most populous cities in the world.  But it is also a wonderful and magic place with a unique energy. The place full of really nice people, gorgeous architecture,  majestic history and exquisite cuisine.

Do not pay attention to the sensationalist medias. Enjoy this place as The Gran Tenochtitlan deserves:).

More about Historic center of Mexico City:

More about Mexico-city:

marceline_centro1marceline_centro2 marceline_centro4 marceline_centro6 marceline_centro7 marceline_centro9 marceline_centro91 marceline_centro92 marceline_centro93 marceline_centro94 marceline_centro96 marceline_centro97 marceline_centro98 marceline_centro99 marceline_centro991 marceline_centro992 marceline_centro993