Marceline and Lena in Prague, Czech Republic


The City of a Hundred Spires, The Heart of Europe, Mother of Cities… and my hometown. I was born there and I grew there.  So obviously, I love this city so much. Every corner… Its magic is incomparable.

I hope I will retur soon, in summer,  to take more photos of Marceline. This time I was working closed in office, so I couldn´t visit all my favourite places…  And besides, I don´t like the winter light on the photos. Some of the pictutres are not as good as I would like. But it was really funny to take photos with my dolls in snow. The wind was not fun at all.

Pohořelec -


Hradčany Square -

Hradčany Square

View from Hradcany Square

View from Hradcany Square

The Old Castle Stairs

The Old Castle Stairs

Hradčany from Charles Bridge -

Hradčany from Charles Bridge –

Charles Bridge from Kampa

Charles Bridge from Kampa


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