News: Team Rufus (IV-VI) – three sets for Déjà Vu

rufus46_1The sets are handmade (with original patterns made by me)  specially for dolls with Tonner Déjà Vu body. Each set includes denim trousers with funcional pockets (The fabric was treated with vinegar and washed to prevent stains that it could cause to the vinyl.), cotton blouse with my photo of Rufus, ring,  earrings, little handbag, mini hair clip and two bracelets.

rufus46_2Each set costs 35 USD plus shipping  if you buy it directly (please, write me to or 40 USD  plus shipping on ebay.  The shipping via Mexican Post service with included tracking number to USA is 6 USD, to Canada and Europe is 8 USD and to the rest of the world is 11 USD.

Team Rufus IV – red/black/purple– set for Déjà Vu rufus4_1

Here you can find the red/black/purple set on Ebay:SOLD OUT

rufus4_2rufus4_3 rufus4_4 rufus4_5

Team Rufus V – grey/navy/red– set for Déjà Vu rufus5_1

Here you can find the grey/navy/red a set on Ebay: SOLD OUT

rufus5_2 rufus5_3 rufus5_4 rufus5_5

Team Rufus VI – beige/denim/green– set for Déjà Vu rufus6_1

Here you can find the beige/denim/green set on Ebay: SOLD OUT

rufus6_2 rufus6_3 rufus6_4 rufus6_5

All Team Rufus sets:


MY EBAY : Tamushf79
MY ETSY: N.I. by T. F.
MY MISTER DOLLFACE: Tamara Friedrichova

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Suni – Elsa Lin Incognito – FR:16 – Integrity Toys (2015)

I have supposed my first FR:16 doll (Maite – Anais McNight) would be my last too, but last year Integrity Toys presented the most beautiful FR:16 doll I had ever seen🙂 – Elsa Lin Incognito.


What an exquisite doll! I love dolls with asian sculpt and Elsa is definitely one of the most beautiful of them.  And in comparation with my first FR:16 (Anais), Elsa has an amazing natural make-up and wonderfull long hair.

So when I discovered her nude, months ago, in one of my favourite shops (, I couldn´t resist more🙂. And finally I´m sharing her photos with you. Enjoy!

suni1 suni2 suni3 suni4

Playing with Suni :)…

Suni in Evangeline´s lingerie, jewelry and shoes by Blackvetlus: suni5 suni6

Suni in Radiant in Ruby Charlotte´s gown, jewelry by Blackvetlus: suni7

And Suni as a fabulous model of N.I. by T.F. in Helena outfit made by me: helena_obscuro3

And finally Suni with Maite: helena3aobe helena3obe

News: Helena – two sets for FR16 body


The sets are handmade (with original patterns made by me)  specially for dolls with FR16 body. Each set includes trousers (with funcional pockets), blouse with shrug, handbag, necklace, pin, bracelet, ring,  earrings and headband.


Each set costs 35 USD plus shipping  if you buy it directly (write me to or 40 USD  plus shipping on ebay.  The shipping via Mexican Post service with included tracking number to USA is 5 USD, to Canada and Europe is 7 USD and to the rest of the world is 10 USD.


More about Helena White-Cream-Turquoise set:


Here you can find this set on Ebay: AVAILABLE

helena_claro2 helena_claro3 helena_claro4 helena_claro5 helena_claro6helena_claro7

More about Helena Black-Red-Pink set:


Here you can find this set on Ebay: SOLD OUT

helena_obscuro2 helena_obscuro3 helena_obscuro4 helena_obscuro5 helena_obscuro6 helena_obscuro7

EBAY : Tamushf79
MY ETSY: N.I. by T. F.
MY MISTER DOLLFACE: Tamara Friedrichova

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Marceline´s diary – Chapter X

Hi there!

First, let´s continue writing about my summer :).

When we came back from Cuernavaca I looked for another trip we could take with Monique and I discovered very cheap one to Ixtapa.  What an amazing place. Beautiful beach, clear and turquoise sea, nice people and fabulous cusine. Monique really loved it there and me too.  I hope we will back in the future. It´s the first mexican beach resort I have visited. Ixtapa is not so famous as Caribbean resorts but it´s magnificent. I can´t imagine Caribbean beaches are still more beautiful.


We had a great time in Ixtapa, enjoying the beach, ocean and magnificent weather. I have to come back with Kristoff. I missed him there so much. Yes,  I´m cheesy and I know it :D.


Talking about Kristoff… When Monique flew back to France, we had all the time for us. Everything was amazing, as a romantic movie, until we returned to the school. We enjoyed the last week so much. We went together to diferent places here in Mexico-city, we ate in nice restaurants, we also went to dance salsa :)… it was really funny because I´m very bad dancer and Kristoff too.

We forgot a rest of the world. I haven´t spoken with anybody of my friends. I suppose it was a big error because I feel them more distant, specially Margueritte and Kasim. The problem is that now, when we returned to the reality, I need to talk with someone urgently.

The truth is that since we got back to school, everything is a bit strange. I guess, chiefly because Kristoff has a new boss. Unfortunately his new boss is my new English teacher too. I don´t like her. OK, I accept, I´m jealous. She is incredibly beautiful and very sexy. And unpleasant with me… but with Kristoff is another person. She is like a tipical latin american soup opera star. So sexy, voluptuous, and very feminine but also false, double-dealing, manipulative and scheming.

The problem is that Kristoff likes her. He talks a lot about her and worse, he has spent a lot of time with her. We just finished the very first week at the school and the English departement already has had two parties. Obviously, the new boss needs to know well the whole departement.

In fact Kristoff appreciates her so much that he decided to inform her about our relationship without consulting with me. Obviously I would not have agreed, I don´t trust her. But Kristoff argued that if I had told to my boss, Antonio, so why couldn´t he tell it to his boss too.  It was our first real dispute :(.

I´m not sure if is because my jealousy… I don´t think so. Normally, I´m not a jealous person. It´s weird…

Well, I hope next post will be more optimistic :D. Meanwhile, have a great time.

Bisous à tous!

Marceline and Monique in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo (Guerrero, Mexico)

Ixtapa is a beautiful sea resort in the Pacific. It is near to Acapulco but it´s cleaner, quieter, safer and more beautiful. I suppose Ixtapa is not so famous abroad as Acapulco, Los Cabos or Riviera Maya but it´s really very nice place. Nice beaches, clear sea, amazing vegetation. Highly recommended!

More about Ixtapa:

ixtapa94ixtapa2IMG_8866ixtapa3 ixtapa4 ixtapa5 ixtapa6 ixtapa7 ixtapa8ixtapa93 ixtapa9 ixtapa91 ixtapa92

Marceline with her friends in Cuernavaca (Morelos, Mexico)

Cuernavaca is a nice city near to Mexico-city. It´s also called the City of eternal spring because of the amazing clima it has. For this reason, for us who live in Mexico-city, Cuernavaca is one of the most favorite places for relaxing. There are a lot of beautiful houses, gardens and swiming pools for rent. Nice people, great cusine…

More about Cuernavaca:

IMG_8657cuernavaca2cuernavaca3cuernavaca4 cuernavaca5 cuernavaca6IMG_8693cuernavaca7 cuernavaca9cuernavada91 cuernavada92cuernavaca93 cuernavaca94cuernavaca95 cuernavaca96cuernavaca97 cuernavaca99 cuernavaca991cuernavaca992cuernavaca993 cuernavaca994 cuernavaca995 cuernavaca996cuernavaca997 cuernavaca998 cuernavaca999 cuernavaca9991

Marceline´s diary – Chapter IX

Hi all!

So long time without writing my diary. The summer vacation is almost gone. Monique will flight back to France tomorrow. I was really busy enjoying the time with my friends. I am so happy and I have so many news. This summer was the best ever. I spent it with my best friends, my adorable little sister and… my boyfriend. Yes, this is the first news :).

Well, when Monique arrived to Mexico we enjoyed some time here. I introduced her to all my friends, she begun to study the summer course and we visited some of the most important places of Mexico-city.

Then we traveled to Cuernavaca as I had written in my last post. What a gorgeous house. Large garden, swiming pool, a lot of nice rooms and fabulous weather. But the best it was the company. We really enjoyed those days together.


It was so relaxing. We were enjoying all days talking in the garden or swiming in the pool. The guitar, sound of the fountain, barbecue, wine, a lot of vegetables and fruits – paradise. I could live my whole life there. Antonio is a lucky man. Ah… he came to visit us there but unfortunatelly he couldn´t stay long time, because he was going to Acapulco where his family spent the vacation.

I was a little worried about the Kristoff´s presence in our family group but it was amazing. Monique likes him so much. Of course she doesn´t  loves him as much as she loves Kasim, because Kasim is her big brother :).  My cousins and Kasim accepted him without problems too. And me?


Well, it´s strange to write about it, but this is my diary, so I have to do it :). I never have imagined that Kristoff would have been interested in me.  Of course, I like it. He is very nice person, fabulous friend and yes, he is handsome too.  Not my type exactly, but handsome. But I supposed he had some sweet and beautiful mexican girlfriend, which was the real reason for him to stay in Mexico. I never have thought so much about his private life and I am also very clumsy on these issues. So it was really surprising when Kristoff talked with me about his feelings.

 At the first moment I wanted to answer him that I liked him so much as a friend  but then he took my hands in his. The sensation was incredible! I´m not exactly a romantic person so I can´t believe that it was the famous chemistry :), but I´m sure it was really very nice and magical.

Doesn´t matter if it was because of the famous chemistry, wine or simply because I have been a long time without any type of romantic relationship, but finally  I didn´t say anything I had planned. I just kissed Kristoff as answer.


And that was the best decision I would have made… It happened more than a month. Now I am sure I´m in love with Kristoff and I´m really very happy.

The only thing I am afraid of the problems our relationship could cause in the Institute. Kristoff is not my teacher but finally he teaches there.

Well, this was the first post about my summer. I hope I will write more very soon because I have more news :).

Good night, my friends!